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On 2 December 2011 08:37, Jose Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa <
ildefonso.camargo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yep, I'm using 4.7.3... still, it has this awful issue:
> I have INBOX folder with subfolders: Sent, Trash, ....
> If I try to configure them all (default), all folders has mails,
> except INBOX.... if I change server-side subscriptions, and disable
> all folders but INBOX (root for others), then it shows messages...

Interesting, I'm not seeing that with Gmail, but I did just see it
yesterday with a test account I setup on my work IMAP server (Mdaemon 9.x),
I had to turn server side subscriptions off before I could see it. What
email server are you connecting to?

> >
> > Still some issues involving CPU load and nepomuk but a fix for that is
> in 4.8,
> > I've been testing the 4.8 beta via project neon and it looks even better.
> Yeah, CPU usage too, nepomuk... and not related to kdepim, Strigi
> still wants to re-index everything everytime I login.... I decided to
> just disable it.... as a matter of fact, I don't yet know how to use
> the indexes it creates, so.. it is not like I'm losing something vital
> there.

If you switch your message list aggregation to Flat Date View, no grouping
(rather than the default thread, group by date) does thhat improve things?

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