Smooth upgrade to Kubuntu Natty. Positive first impression!

Bastiaan Gijsbertus Roufs MA basroufs at
Fri Apr 29 09:51:22 UTC 2011

Hello Everybody

After finishing my work session at this netbook, I started the upgrade from 
Kubuntu Maverick (10.10) to Kubuntu Natty (11.04) yesterday evening. This 
morning, the upgrade smoothly and successfully finished. My first impressions of 
the new version are really positive. Some problems I had with the KOrganiser 
have been solved now. The combination Dolphin/ Samba works really well, as far 
as I can see. 
A really, really interesting innovation is the new possibility to flexibly 
change the user interface language:
at the level of one single application language via HELP > Switch application 
language > (restart)
at the level of the whole system via K-Menu > System Settings > System 
Languages > Locale > (restart)
For a dedicated multilanguage user like me, this is a jolly good development!

A minor point of attention is still a kind of system overload which sometimes 
occurs. E.g. while writing this message via Kontact, the overload reached such 
a level that the only option was restarting Kontact and the whole system. On 
the other hand, Kontact did automatically save a draft of this message, while 
that problem occurred. I am wondering how to deminish this overload problem. 
When looking at the system activity monitor, nothing special or extraordinary 
seems to happen.

However it may be, I thank the developers for bringing Kubuntu and KDE to a 
more mature stage.

Respectfully yours,

Bas Roufs.

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