Natty problem with console video

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Wed Apr 27 12:56:29 UTC 2011

Running the beta of 11.04 (Natty) on an i386 machine.  (my lab rat)

After loading up 11.04  and fully updating it as of yesterday, I still have a 
nagging problem and wonder if anyone else has seen it.

After booting, the kernel goes through it's console messages (I'm using 
vga=normal for console messages)  and then X starts up and I get the login 

If I go into an XFCE session, everything is fine including a konsole session.

However, doing a CTL-BKSP-Fx  to get to a real console session,  the monitor 
goes into a  "Out of Sync" mode with something like  17 Hz horiz and  15hz 
vertical.   Huh?

So I can't use a real console session at all.  And also, when shutting down 
the machine,  where the normal kernel messages would appear, I also get the 
Out of Sync message.

In short, once X starts up, a real console session is impossible.  Have never 
had this problem before.  I even killed kdm  (from within an konsole session)  
thinking it would put me down into a real login screen but nope:  still the 
Out of Sync.

Anyone else seeing this?   Nvidia  6200  graphics board.

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