Solved: Re: ATI Radeon HD 4290 (onboard) Only 60 Hz frequency

Ulrich Grün ulrich.gruen at
Wed Apr 27 11:39:37 UTC 2011

(Top posting because original text is for information only)

Hi List,

I solved the problem of having a display with 60 Hz only, the following way:
I, again, searched my xorg.0.log. This time, I noticed the entry:  ''fglrx(0):  
Display0: Failed to get EDID information.''
Google helped me to find:

With that help and a minimal xorg.conf, and the program ''cvt'' (which makes you 
modelines for the xorg.conf, like ''~$ cvt -v 1600 1200 100Hz''), I now have a 
CRT monitor that runs on a vertical frequency of 100 Hz.

Hope this helps someone else.

Ulrich Grün.

Also schrieben Sie am Samstag, 23. April 2011 22:45:15:
> Hallo, dear list,
> I have a new motherboard (M4A89GTD pro) with an onboard graphic chip: HD
> 4290
> The problem which seems to be unsolvable (until now): I only have as
> vertical frequency 60 Hz, regardless the entries in the xorg.conf.
> I have installed the latest version of ''AMD Catalyst™ 11.3 Proprietary
> Linux x86 Display Driver'' and I use the configuration tool ''amdcccle'',
> and also here, 60 Hz is the one and only frequency that is listed.
> Does someone also have this MB (or at least the same graphical chip)
> without this problem? Or has a clue?
> (I use Kubuntu 10.10 64bit, and with the 32bit version the same problem
> exists. With WinXP-pro 32bit, I can use a frequency of 100 Hz)
> Thanks a lot for any help!


  X Ulrich X


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