Clay Weber claydoh at
Tue Apr 19 20:47:58 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, April 19, 2011 03:24:52 PM Jerry Lapham wrote:
> I recently decided to try spam filtering again in Kmail.  The only one
> already installed was Bogofilter, so I set it up.
> So far it has been 100 percent wrong.  It has moved several non-spam
> messages to my spam directory but it has not caught any real spam.  I can
> click on the Spam icon to send spam to the spam directory but clicking on
> Ham does not do anything to any of the non-spam it has put in the spam
> directory.
> Anyone else have similar experience?
> 	-Jerry

My experience with bogofilter has been pretty good overall. It may not be quite 
as good as spamassassin, but it doesn't slow things down so much.

The "ham" filter will NOT move mail to somewhere else, unless you configure 
the relevent email filter to do so (that is probably pretty complicated to do 
but it maybe possible), but what it does do is add the attributes of what you 
consider spam and non-spam to a list or database, so the more info it has the 
better it works. 

So you have to train your spam filter to get it to recognize spam and non spam.  
One way to do this is to go through your trash and mass-select a lot of known 
spam and hit the spam button and let it do its thing. Then do the same for a 
ton of known good mail using the ham button.

If you use any email filters to shuffle an email list's mails to its own folder, 
you can add a filter criteria to mark thise filtered messgaes as ham. 

I still get a number of spam mails every day, but the vast majority go to the 
spam bin, seldom do ones getting marked incorrectly.  But I have accidentally  
clicked spam on the wrong ones in the past, going back and marking them as 
ham seems to fix that.


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