is 64 bit ready for primetime yet?

Terry Madore Jr tentaro at
Mon Apr 4 00:10:34 UTC 2011

I am not so sure about 64bit yet.....wireless drivers are still sketchy. 
I can't get the same card other people have gotten to work on 32bit to 
work on 64bit. It's kind of off putting and hurts my chances of moving 
to Ubuntu permanently ( I run dualboot Win7/Kubuntu at the moment). But 
hey if you have wired connection, I have yet to find anything that I 
wanted to use that I couldn't ...besides my wireless card :( Also not 
sure if this a 64bit driver thing or not but I can't get my TV card to 
work either. But that I can live without for now. So I have only run 
64bit but I am planning on possibly switching to 32bit when Narwhal hits.

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