is 64 bit ready for primetime yet?

Jon Piper jonpiper at
Sun Apr 3 10:42:11 UTC 2011

Hi All,
I have been running 64 bit since 8.10 and haven't had an significant 
problems.  Flashplayer was the only issue I can recall but there was a 
workaround - I don't recall what is was but it worked.

I'm using Kubuntu 10.10 on my laptop (Toshiba L655-S5157 - Intel i3-380 
with 4 GIG) since I bought it a month ago -- no real issues.  Just some 
nitty things that are probably issues with 10.10.  The most aggravating 
is that when I go to a web page from Thunderbird (email), it loads it in 
Konqueror instead of Firefox; I have reset the defaults so they all 
point to Firefox but no soap. I have a desktop with 10.04 (64) that 
works like a charm.  I tried 10.04 (32 & 64 bit) on this machine and 
could not get ethernet or wireless going; that is why I installed 
10.10.  I usually use the LTS versions until the bitter end-once going 
because I don't like to change (I have been using Linux since 1997 or 
1998 -- its come a long way).  When I have time, I think I will revert 
back to 10.04 or maybe install 11.04 in another partition; any version 
of *buntu is better than Windoz -- at least Kubuntu has no real issues 
like Windoz that mess up your day.

Have fun with this adventure - it not for the faint hearted but it makes 
life real interesting; being a programmer for over 30 years, I like 
solving problems and helping other people solve problems.


Jon Piper

On 04/02/2011 10:05 PM, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Saturday, April 02, 2011, Paul Lemmons wrote:
>> When Natty comes out I am planning on doing a clean install. My first on
>> this particular machine since Feisty. I am considering the 64 bit
>> version. The machine has more than 4GB of ram so I have been
>> successfully running the pae version without any real hiccups.  It has
>> been a long time since I considered "real" 64 bit and was wondering has
>> it matured to the point where it is as smooth, application and stability
>> wise, as the 32 bit version? In particular: Firefox? Flash? Java? VMWare
>> Workstation?
> I used to feel the way you do and it took a long time for me to get a 64 bit
> machine.
> But I built three of them about a year ago  and the switch was painless...
> No problems at the moment whatever.   I am sure there might be some apps that
> didn't convert over...  grip is one, but I think it was for other reasons than
> 64bit.   I don't think it is supported anymore...   but it does run on 64 bit
> and I still use it occasionally.

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