Is GNOME System monitor _way Less_ capable than KDE syst mon? ; jor KUbuntu

giovanni_re john_re at
Thu Sep 16 11:43:02 BST 2010

I have essentially for the first time used the GNOME Ubuntu interface
(having used KDE for 10 years).

I make substantial use of the KDE system monitor.  I expected the G
sysmon would be similar, but it seems to have only about 10% of the
capability of the K version.

So, I installed it on my KDE system, & sure enough, there seems to be no
way to do the additions of more ssytem parameters that i can monitor in
the K version.

To people familiar with both the K & G sysmonitors:  Is the G version
_way_ less capable than the K version?  Or, is there some non-obvious
way to get it to display more monitoring parameters?

Ex: KDE system monitor can show more than 3 rows (ex, 12), (in tab
properties), can show multiple tabs, can show many (30-100?) system
variables {system, cpu load, partition, disk, hardware, logfiles,
memory, network}, etc.


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