1.04.1 LTS status

Bill vance faptagon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 07:49:19 BST 2010


I'm wondering about 1.04.1 LTS's status on a few things.

1st, what does, "LTS", stand for?

2nd, I've been hearing that installing gnome to get a working pulse
audio, and then installing
KUbuntu sorta works but can cause other problems.  Anything to that?

3rd, The few times I've tried to install gnome, it boots up, but then
acts so slow that I get the
impression that it's trying to run every single program it's got, all
at the same time.  If you put
the mouse pointer on a menu item, you might get a menu list if you
hold the mouse button
down for an hour or two.  Anyone know what the deal is with that?

Thanks in advance.


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