Grub too long and 3 Linux

Perry pwhite at
Fri Oct 8 18:33:13 BST 2010

Hi all,

I have Hardy, Jaunty and Karmic (+M$), and as the title says, Grub is getting  
really long.
My Grub menu says version 1.97~beta4 but in Synaptic it adds "version 2 (PC/ 
BIOS version) for the grub-pc package I have and its dependencies indicate a 
conflict with grub (<0.97-54)

I searched and Googled but found it somewhat confusing.

Shall I update grub as if it is Grub2 and as suggested in:
boot-menu> using Synaptic to purge anything related to the older versions?
Shall I forget about a "menu.lst" that is absent from Karmic, and forget about 
an "update-grub" or "update-grub2" which I have?

What would happen if I booted under Hardy and used Synaptic there to remove 
likewise the extras older images and headers for Hardy?
(This frightens me because I'm not sure Hardy knows enough about grub 
installed by Karmic and I would hate to have to search through my mess for the 
install CD.)

Another option is to access Hardy from Karmic and use Dolphin to delete those 
images and headers, perhaps not as clean a removal than the Synaptic purge.
Would that be safe?

Any other tips or warnings?
Thanks for any input.

Cheers		Perry

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