Upside down text characters and Wine

Steve Morris samorris at
Tue Nov 23 20:20:53 GMT 2010

On 23/11/10 18:45, Jerry Lapham wrote:
> On Monday, November 22, 2010 02:41:50 pm Steve Morris wrote:
>> On 22/11/10 12:13, Jerry Lapham wrote:
>>>  I use the DeScribe 5.0 for Win32 word processor running in Wine
>>> mainly for a monthly church newsletter.  Last month it "printed" just
>>> fine to a postscript file, which I converted to .pdf to send to the
>>> church office.
>>> This month, when I "print" to the postscript file the clipart comes out
>>> right- side-up but the text characters are upside down.  This is on my
>>> Kubuntu 10.04 64bit version system.  The Wine version is 1.2.
>>> If I copy the .dwp file to my old system running Kubuntu 8.04 and open it
>>> in Describe, I can "print" to a postscript file and the text is
>>> right-side-up. The Wine version is 1.0.
>>> I suspect the Wine update to 1.2 may have happened in the last month and
>>> caused the problem.  I'd like to either back up to the previous Wine
>>> version or forward to a new version without the problem but I don't know
>>> how.
>>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Hi Jerry,
>>     Before determining it really is wine that is at fault, I would
>> assume that you are using a printer driver to output to the postscript
>> file.
>>     Is the driver you are using a windows driver installed in wines
>> version of windows or a native linux driver?
> I haven't installed any Windows drivers.  In DeScribe I just select one of my 
> two printers and check the "Print to file" box, supplying a file name.
>>     If it is a native linux driver are you using cups?
> I have HL-4040CN series and Deskjet 4100 series printers set up in CUPS.
>>     Also are the versions of these environments the same on both machines?
>>     Is the software you are using to convert to pdf the same version on
>> both systems?
> Presumably both are using ghostscript.  The problem exists in creating the 
> postscript file even before converting to .pdf.
As far as I am aware when using a cups driver, the driver is sending the
postscript natively and is not using ghostscript to generate it.
>>     If the driver is a native linux driver, can you mock up a sample
>> newletter page in say openoffice writer and check if the resultant pdf
>> has the same issues (I am assuming here the pdf converter is a native
>> linux application rather than something you are running under wine)?
> No problems printing from Open Office or Kate.
Given this, and if the version of Describe is the same on both machines,
the problem is definitely with the wine environment.
When you upgraded wine did the package come from the standard Ubuntu
repositories or was it installed from the backports repositories, and
does your package manager show multiple versions of wine?
>>     As a possible temporary workaround to the issue, have you looked at
>> doing you newletter layout in openoffice writer, as this has the
>> capability of writing directly to pdf rather than having to go through
>> the "print" processes.
> That would require a lot of relearning -- which is the reason I'm still using 
> DeScribe.
Just another temporary workaround, have you had a look at scribus to see
if it is sufficient similar to Describe to not require much of a
relearning exercise?


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