kmail crashes each time I try to open a mail

Michael Hirsch mdhirsch at
Wed Nov 17 21:01:59 GMT 2010

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM, user1 <bqz69 at> wrote:
> I am using 10.10 - I have installed both gnome, kde and netbook and I am
> using netbook/unity
> Everything worked very well, but now kmail does not work good any longer.
> Each time I try to open a mail kmail crashes.
> Now I am using Evolution.
> It says Signal: 11 (Segmentation fault)

this has happened to me.  It always ends up that there is some email
message in my inbox that makes kmail choke.  I've fixed it my editing
the inbox in emacs and removing emails from it until kmail succeeds.

Sometimes I've moved all my email to another directory, and moved it
back in one folder at a time until I found the culprit, then I would
try to find the problem message.

Good luck,


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