DKMS and nvidia drivers not working properly in Lucid

William Hamra w.hamra1987 at
Wed May 26 20:46:11 UTC 2010

On 05/26/2010 07:38 PM, Mark Greenwood wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 May 2010 22:19:37 Steve Morris wrote:
>> I applied a number of updates last night through synaptic to Lucid. Two 
>> of the update were an updated kernel and an update to the nvidia driver. 
>> The kernel was installed fine, the nvidia driver installed fine but the 
>> dkms interfacing has stuffed the system.
>> When the nvidia install triggered the dkms interaction, dkms said it was 
>> removing all modules (I have seen in the past when using the Lucid dkms 
>> under Karmic that when it said it was removing all module it was 
>> removing everything interfaced to dkms, not just the module being 
>> updated), why?
>> Also dkms said it was only building the nvidia module for the currently 
>> active kernel, why not all installed kernels?
>> After finishing the update and rebooting, when xorg was started my 
>> monitor displayed a dialog saying input was not supported (this is an 
>> indication that the resolution/refresh rate being used by xorg was not 
>> compatible with the monitor) even though the xorg.conf configuration 
>> file that was working fine before the update had not been altered. I got 
>> this monitor issue with all kernels selectable from grubs menu.lst. Why 
>> was this happening and how do I fix it, and how do I stop these issues 
>> from happening again?
>> regards,
>> Steve
> A lot of people have had the problem where kernel headers weren't correctly installed.
> Try sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic
> and see if that helps.
> Mark

for the first time ever, i see aptitude reporting updates, from standard
repos, and i am afraid of performing them....

Willy K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems
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