Lucid Desktop Usage Issues

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Thu May 13 21:48:48 UTC 2010

On Thursday 13 May 2010 22:33:18 Steve Morris wrote:
> I have just installed Lucid from scratch via the kubuntu alternate cd 
> because an upgrade via the alternate cd failure destroyed my system. 
> Having booted into kde the desktop is completely devoid of any icons 
> (there's not even a trashcan) and switching to folderview pointed at my 
> desktop directory makes no difference (the directory is probably empty 
> too, being a new installation). Consequently I have manually put the 
> trashcan widget (via add widgets) onto the desktop. When I delete items 
> from dolphin, which moves them to the trashcan, they are not moved to 
> the trashcan widget that is on the desktop, hence it cannot be used to 
> delete these trashcan items. How do I get rid of these items moved to 
> the trashcan, and where is this trashcan so that I can move it to the 
> desktop.
> Also, why does a fresh install of Lucid not put the standard icons onto 
> the desktop automatically (Trash, Home, Welcome)?
> regards,
> Steve
I can't answer why the normal icons aren't present (personally I prefer it that way) or why the desktop widget doesn't work (it works for me) but if you open Dolphin, the Places panel has a link to the Wastebin and you can right-click it to empty it. If the Places panel isn't visible you just hit F9. Bear in mind also that Dolphin has a 'Delete' function as well as a 'Move to Wastebin' function. The Delete function doesn't use the Wastebin.


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