Upgrade to 10.04 broke wireless.

Eric Lee Elliott linux at ericelliott.us
Mon May 10 13:18:11 UTC 2010

WIFI & 3G connections had been trouble for me for last 3 years.  10.04 
has versions of NM & ModemManager that are good for me.

Wallet seems to be the cause of NetworkManager (NM) problems.  NM does 
well for me in 4 computers after wallet is disabled.  With wallet 
enabled, at best I must enter password 3 times to start computer & get 
email.  At worst many passwords are required to maybe get & keep connection.

To make it work, disable wallet & kill NM.  When NM is started again & 
password is entered for each connection once, it just works.  Next boot 
has all connections working again without demanding any passwords for 
WIFI or 3G.  NM works with Ralink, Broadcom, Atheros & Intel WIFI 
hardwares.   NM works with Sierra 875U 3G modem.  NM works with multiple 
WIFI connections, even when connected or removed after first WIFI is up.

Each computer got Kubu 10.04 installed to formatted partition, no 
upgrades here.


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