wireless connection problems

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>On Thursday, May 06, 2010, pkaplan1 wrote: 
>> I used wicd under Karmic and this seems to be a total bust under 
>> Lucid. It rejects all attempts to connect, telling me that my password 
>> is incorrect (which it isn't). 
>> Have solutions to either network manager been posted? 
>> Paul 
>I have NEVER gotten kmanager to connect in the last 3 kubuntu releases and 
>always have to resort to a wired connection in order to install wicd. 
>And wicd has always worked well until lucid. 
>The problem?? Normally when you install wicd, it removes network manager 
>and everything works well. For lucid, NM is NOT removed and this causes 
>problems with wpa-supplicant having two copies, one for NM and the other for 
>The answer?? Remove NM like it should have been removed. Wicd will work 
>fine after a reboot or shutdown of the running NM. 

I did this (or so I thought). 

What packages need to be removed before installing wicd? 

How do I remove the duplicates of wpa-supplicant? 

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