10.4 upgrade vs install

cherryfinals cherryfinals at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 22:51:50 UTC 2010

I've been noticing a lot of complaints both on this list and several others on upgrading from 9.10 to 10.4.
Over the last couple of years, I have learned a dear lesson. The lesson is that you should have all your personal data and various configs on a secondary drive. When a new system is released, never, ever use the update function. Over the last five years I've been using Kubuntu, I have yet to see an update work perfectly, first time. During this time, I've installed and updated more than two dozen systems at home and at my office. 

I've learned to unplug my secondary drive and perform a new [totally wiped] install to my primary drive, from the CD. After it is installed and tested, I install all my favorite programs and only then, do I plug the secondary drive and redirect my application software to all the old content and WiP. 
That's just been my experience and of course, your milage may vary.
Good luck!

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