New Kubuntu install kernel panicing

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Sun Mar 28 09:27:22 UTC 2010

On Sunday 28 Mar 2010 10:08:40 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> A new Kubuntu 9.10 install is kernel panicking(locking up, keyboard
> leds flashing). It happened with the stock KDE 4.3.x and with KDE
> 4.4.1 that I installed from the backports repo. The hardware is a
> Pentuim 4 and 512 GB of RAM. 

I hope you mean 512 MB..:-) That should be enough. I take it you do have some swap space as well?

> I suspected a RAM problem, but memtest
> found nothing. There does not seem to be anything relevant in any
> logs, and the machine is not overheating.

With unstable hardware the things I usually check for are:
Memory test - you've done that
Check all internal connections - drive cables, PCI cards properly seated, all motherboard connectors
Are you using any proprietary drivers (eg nvidia)? Does the panic still happen if you use the OSS driver?
Look for a BIOS update



> I will post /var/log/messages in another post.

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