Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Thu Mar 25 22:52:14 UTC 2010

Steve Morris wrote:

> Further to my thread on this, I have now downloaded and burnt the cd for
> Kubuntu 10.04 beta 1 and, this beta fixes the X desktop incompatibility
> with my monitor and rectifies the sound issue with Win 7. The beta is
> running kernel 2.6.32-6. Is is possible to update 9.10 to this kernel?

Yes, there are newer kernals available from
though you may have problems with some proprietary drivers with these.

> Also when 10.04 comes out how does one upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04
> without losing everything that is currently installed? I have a number
> of applications that I don't want to have to recover if I can avoid it,
> not to mention what is needed to activate my wireless network card which
> is not supported by linux.

This page will be updated somewhat for the final release

You will be prompted to upgrade when the new version is officially 
released. All your applications will also be upgraded as well. Depending 
on how you activated your wireless card, you may have to re-do those steps.

> As I side issue I encountered something that I assume will be fixed in
> subsequent releases, when the 10.04 beta boots it displays a boot splash
> screen that says "ubuntu" rather than "kubuntu", which was initially
> disconcerting to me as it lead me to think I had downloaded the wrong iso.

Yes, that is a known thing and is noted in the release notes, the 
Kubuntu splash is not quite ready to go just yet.

> regards,
> Steve


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