Kubuntu Stole My Computer

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 11:36:19 GMT 2010

> According to iotop the big users are:
>   kdeinit4:  (various sub-progs)
>   X -br nolisten
>   Firefox
> Something odd about the last one:  I had removed some add-ons to firefox,
> hoping to speed it up, and experienced some strange behavior when shutting it
> down.  Later, when starting it back up, it almost finished it's
> startup, and then
> vanished.  When I got the above from iotop, firefox shouldn't even have been
> there, but was in the background somewhere, and doing something unauthorized.

Clean up the preferences file, whatever it is called (the on that
about:config write to). Yu will find a lot of preferences for old
extensions, and that often leads to problems such as sluggish
behaviour or slow startup.

Dotan Cohen


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