Upgrade to beta?

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Fri Mar 19 19:55:43 UTC 2010

On 3/19/2010 10:28 AM, Knapp wrote:
> Is it safe to upgrade to the beta? Yes, I know what beta means but how
> is it going? How stable is it now? Anyone playing with it? What do you
> think about it so far?
I haven't tried upgrading to Lucid yet, but my desktop and one of my 
laptops are running it right now. My desktop with built-in ati RadeonHD 
3200 works with desktop effects *and* audio over HDMI without any manual 
configuration - using the open drivers (though my LCD tv does still need 
some xorg/xrandr tweaks to get it's native resolution).

Those using KDE 4.4 in karmic probably won't have too many issues 
upgrading, unless they are using any non-free video drivers. I'd suggest 
looking around for issues involving these drivers before trying, or wait 
for the rc


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