Kontact has the blues

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Wed Mar 17 00:04:38 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 17/03/2010 at 5:59 am, Alvin  wrote:
> I upgraded my notebook to KDE 4.4.1
> The usual akonadi issues aside, it went surprisingly well. The new 
> Amarok
> volume button has a bit of a learning curve. My hand isn't used to a 
> touchpad
> and changing the volume without a mouse has become a bit tricky now.

I *really* dislike the new Amarok volume control, I consider it a UI 
abomination. I really hope it isn't a indicator of things to come 
(style over substance).

Fortunately a std slider can be restored - off the top of my head 
right click the tool bar and choose "Mini Volume Control", or 
something like that :)

> turned blue. Some people will have seen that already. KMail folders 
> turn blue
> if you are near your quota. I checked, but all those accounts still 
> have more
> than half of their quota! Is there anyone who knows about this?

Folders turning blue over quota's is old functionality. Doing it 
incorrectly though - sounds like a bug. Might be worth reporting it or 
asking on the dev list.

Lindsay Mathieson

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