Kontact has the blues

Alvin info at alvin.be
Tue Mar 16 18:37:28 UTC 2010

I upgraded my notebook to KDE 4.4.1

The usual akonadi issues aside, it went surprisingly well. The new Amarok 
volume button has a bit of a learning curve. My hand isn't used to a touchpad 
and changing the volume without a mouse has become a bit tricky now.

The only really weird stuff is Kontact. More precisely Kmail. I have 4 
(disconnected) IMAP accounts. One of them is a Kolab account. Kontact did 
select the wrong one as an IMAP resource after the upgrade. This might be a 
bug. I'm not using the IMAP resource functionality much due to akonadi issues. 
Not really a problem. I selected the right account, but now all other accounts 
turned blue. Some people will have seen that already. KMail folders turn blue 
if you are near your quota. I checked, but all those accounts still have more 
than half of their quota! Is there anyone who knows about this?

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