Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Steve Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Sun Mar 14 02:16:53 GMT 2010

On 13/03/10 22:41, Reinhold Rumberger wrote:
> On Saturday 13 March 2010, Steve Morris wrote:
> <snipping /etc/init.d/killprocs>
>> I looked at the /etc/rc6.d/S20sendsigs which are the scripts that
>> get processed at shutdown.
> You're right, killprocs is for runlevel 1. Should've paid closer
> attention to that.
>> This script is very similar to what
>> you have listed above, but as far as I can see it is issuing
>> invalid killall5 commands that are invalid.
> Hmm, looking through sendsigs, I can't confirm that the commands are
> invalid. Why would you think so?
In S20sendsigs the command being issued is  killall5 -18 $OMITPIDS.  If 
I issue the command   killall5 --help I get the message that killall5 
only supports 1 parameter, so how does killall5 -18 $OMITPIDS actually 
>> I use a Soundblaster Audigy LE sound card for which there is no
>> driver in Win 7, and the Win 7 driver from the vendor that
>> supposedly supports all versions of the Audigy card up to the
>> current Soundblaster Audigy 4 does not work with the card either
>> (it says there is no supported hardware when you try to install
>> it), so I am using the Win XP drivers supplied with the card
>> which work fine.
> You know, if you had actually said that from the beginning, there
> might have been a lot more decent responses.
> That said, you're using an unsupported driver for a not natively
> supported sound card and are blaming *Ubuntu* that it isn't working?
> And you don't see anything wrong with that?
> The fact that it's working properly after Mandriva is likely pure
> coincidence, as is the fact that the sound card is working with the
> XP drivers.
> You do know that MS apparently completely overhauled the driver
> framework and that few or no XP drivers work properly with Vista or
> Win7?
Sorry, I didn't think this was relevant because the support forums say 
that in a lot of situations Win XP drivers work fine in Vista and Win 7. 
In the case of the wireless network card I use, the microsoft supplied 
drivers from Win 7 updates don't work probably because they appear to 
have been written 12 months before Win 7 was released. The support 
forums say for that wireless card to use the Win XP drivers for the 
specific chipset in the card, not the drivers for the card.
>> As I understand it the driver will ask the
>> hardware what it is and what features it supports. So if apps are
>> being shutdown properly then it seems to me that the Ubuntu
>> driver is configuring the hardware as a device that the windows
>> driver doesn't support.
> Right, because Ubuntu reassembles the hardware specifically to make
> it incompatible with Win7...
> Funnily, we're right back where we started: your win driver isn't
> properly initialising the hardware.
Not as I understand things. It is my understanding the first thing the 
driver is going to do is ask the device what it is, then ask what it 
supports, then set itself up accordingly, possibly also setting states 
in the hardware for how it wants to run according to the features its 
supplies. I thought my soundcard was a SoundBlaster Audigy LE, but 
Ubuntu and Mandriva are both treating is as a SoundBlaster Audigy SE, so 
what I think is happening is that at shutdown Mandriva is setting the 
card back to the "factory defaults" whereas Ubuntu is not, which is 
where I think the problem is. I will also need to check what Win 7 
thinks the device is, assuming Win 7 gives me that detail.


>    --Reinhold
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