Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

John DeCarlo johndecarlo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 00:23:45 UTC 2010

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 5:56 PM, Steve Morris <samorris at netspace.net.au>wrote:

>    I am having an issue with Kubuntu/Ubuntu 9.10 on my tri-boot system. If
> I shut Kubuntu down and warm boot into Win 7 I do not get any sound from
> windows or applications I run. To get sound in windows I have to shut
> Kubuntu down and boot into Mandriva because at shutdown it wipes everything
> from memory. What need to be done in Kubuntu to get it to wipe everything
> from memory at shutdown as Mandriva does?
Time to go back to the original question.  Only we know now that the last
two sentences are confusing, because it has nothing to do with wiping

My current guess is that Kubuntu is using your sound card differently than
Windows or Mandriva, and leaving just that card in a state they don't like.

I would recommend going into System Settings -> Multimedia, the Devices tab
and select Music.  I would one-by-one select the output devices on the right
and test them.  If more than one of them work, I would choose a different

Then see if that default is the one used by Windows or Mandriva, making
sound work after warm booting Kubuntu.

John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own
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