Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

John DeCarlo johndecarlo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 18:05:28 UTC 2010

Many of the messages in this thread are talking about different things.

And there may, in fact, be issues that should be resolved in Kubuntu.

So let me try and set down some terms to frame the discussion, and note a
couple of items that *I* think may be relevant.

Then people can argue in a more focused manner <grin>.

"Warm boot".  The Operating System restarts the computer without shutting
down any hardware. (See "cold boot" where hardware is shut down and powered

    - Corollary 1.  Because a "warm boot" does not power off hardware, it
also does not set any hardware to a powered off state.

    - Assumption 1.  A "warm boot" is one way of restarting the OS without
changing the state of any hardware.

    - Assumption 2.  (Contradicts Assumption 1).  A "warm boot" is done all
the time to reset everything back to power on initial conditions, so the
booting OS doesn't get messed up.

"OS restart".  The OS is directed to shut itself down and prepare for the
next start up.  This term specifically *excludes* "hibernation" and "sleep"
where the OS saves a copy of itself so that when it restarts, everything is
still in the same state.

    - Option 1.  Choosing some option like "save my state" allows the OS
(and Window Manager, KDE) to remember things like:  "I had Amarok running,
so start it automatically for me."

        -- Assumption A.  Don't be silly about this.

    - Option 2.  Choosing some option like "don't remember what I was doing"
allows the OS to start from scratch, just running programs pre-configured to
run, like those in /etc/init.d or in the KDE autostart.  And nothing more.

For me, there seems to be some sort of bug or poor design with 9.10 and KDE

    - I run kppp with the command "kdesu kppp"  (don't tell me this is
wrong, I don't want to argue about this particular item)

    - When I do an "OS restart"  (doesn't' matter whether cold boot or warm
boot), I always get an error that "kdesu has no arguments" (or something
close).  I had shut down kppp, but KDE remembers the kdesu part.


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own
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