yahoo crashing kopete at sign on

Josh Stephenson peterbuldge at
Wed Mar 3 18:55:46 UTC 2010

Is anybody aware of an issue with yahoo accounts causing kopete to crash on 
sign in? I've had the issue since going to 4.4.  At first I just noticed that 
kopete was crashing on sign in ad after disabling and re-enabling all my 
accounts I relaized it was just yahoo causing the issue.  Sometimes it signs 
in fine for little while.  One time I realized that the yahoo avatar was set 
differently than the main kopete avatar... when I fixed it the crash was gone 
for a little while.  Another time I signed into web messenger and then signed 
back out again and this too seemed top fix the kopete issue for a bit. None of 
these fixes work for more than one or two sign ins though.  I have debug 
packages installed getting literally no info from the crash reporter on crash.
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