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Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Mon Mar 1 13:44:59 UTC 2010

Perry wrote:
> Le Friday 26 February 2010 23.41:20 Jonas Norlander, vous avez écrit (you 
> wrote) :
>> As I read it it's wubi he is using. Wubi is installed just as any
>> application in windows. I haven't tried it though.
>> http://wubi-installer.org/
>> / Jonas
> On Saturday the 29th Varun wrote:
> 1. Yes, I installed Kubuntu as an app software (as was mentioned on CD
> label). However, i can only boot into either at startup. I know about
> Virtualization but don't want that.
> I take it for granted that if he was using wubi, Varun would have to first boot 
> into M$ in order to launch it.
> Cheers		Perry
Wubi sets up a dual boot system using the built in Windows boot manager 
rather than Grub.

Some people are like Slinky's.

Not good for much but fun to watch when you push them down the stairs.

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