Wicd won't connect in Kubuntu 10.04

Jerry Lapham rjlapham at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 01:34:56 BST 2010

I've been connecting my Toshiba Sattellite L355 laptop with my Netgear 
Wireless N150 router using Wicd on Kubuntu 9.10 for some time.  It works with 
the internal RTL 8187B wireless B/G card and my USB plug-in Tenda W311U 
RT2870A wireless B/G/N stick.

I recently upgraded another partition from Kubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and then to 
10.04. Now Wicd detects router(s) with either card but can't connect to them 
whether secured or unsecured.  My router can see either card.  It's like they 
can talk to each other but I can't take "yes" for an answer.

Why the difference and what do I do next?


Jerry Lapham
Monroe, OH  45050
rjlapham at gmail.com
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