Lost Audio since 4.4 upgrade

nepal nepal.roade at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 12 08:04:42 GMT 2010

Hi List,

Apart from other problems some of which I have fixed following the 
upgrade last night to kde4.4, I have now lost sound output. No sound 
from any audio player and no sound with YouTube either. I am on 64bit 
Karmic (9.10) with all updates. 

Following the update I had similar problems to those already 
documented with loss of the plasma desktop or workspace or .... This I 
fixed by running the recover option from the grub menu using dpkg. This 
worked and returned my desktop access.

For sound, my settings were using the Xine backend and that remains 
so, but without any sound now. I also do not have the little icon in 
the system tray that looked like a hifi speaker (mixer control?) and 
gave me access to many audio features. 

What needs to run for that icon to appear? and is that what I need to 
do to get sound back?

And I'm sending this quick hopefully as my desktop has just frozen.


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