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Wed Feb 10 10:04:41 GMT 2010

Zitat von Mark Greenwood <fatgerman at>:
> OK, well here we go.
> The following is not guaranteed to work but it has worked on the two  
> installations I have tried it on. It requires Linux to be installed  
> to your hard disc.
> Note 1 : The following xorg.conf file was generated primarily from  
> an install of Mandriva 2010.0, which seems to do a much better job  
> of configuring this stuff than Ubuntu does. However even that didn't  
> work perfectly until I did the steps involving gtf.
> Note 2 : The option 'PreferredMode' in the file below is recorded as  
> 'not used' in the Xorg log. However, for me, it didn't work without  
> it. Your mileage may vary.
> The file below is an example xorg.conf file - it needs to be edited  
> and then copied to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
> You will need to know the allowed horizontal sync and vertical  
> refresh rates for your monitor or TV. These go as the parameters  
> 'HorizSync' and 'VertRefresh' as described in the file. These are  
> the crucial values to make this work. They may or may not be  
> specified in the gazillion pages of manual for your TV that your  
> probably threw away when you bought it. I know I did. If you cannot  
> find these values out you have 3 possible courses of action:
> 1) Guess - the values below might even work.
> 2) Install Mandriva 2010.0. This will give you an xorg.conf file  
> that might even work. That's where mine came from.
> 3) Kick the PC and go have a beer instead.
> Once you have those you need to generate a ModeLine using the 'gtf' program.
> In a terminal, type
> gtf 1360 768 60
> (The parameters are : Horizontal resolution, vertical resolution,  
> refresh rate)
> 60Hz refresh should work with any TV. If you're in Europe and plan  
> on using this as a media centre PC, 50Hz is a better choice as it is  
> exactly twice the PAL refresh rate. 100Hz is even better. However  
> many modern TVs won't do a 50Hz or 100Hz refresh and a lot of intel  
> graphics cards won't do 100Hz at this (or indeed any) resolution.  
> Mine doesn't :( Try 60 first. If it works, then get adventurous.
> gtf will output a 'ModeLine'. You should paste this into the file  
> where indicated, replacing mine.
> Reboot and see what happens. If it doesn't work, check the settings  
> under KDE before you go to option (3).
> If you reboot and get a black screen you'll have to switch to  
> another terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F4), log in, delete or rename xorg.conf,  
> and reboot again. If this happens you probably have your Sync or  
> Refresh values wrong.
> Good luck....
> Mark

I tried the mandriva live cd, the result is even worse than with  
kubuntu. Only a small square on the screen is displayed.
However, thanks for your explanations. At the moment I will wait for  
more stable intel drivers. I saved your mail and hopefully it will  
solve my problems later ;)


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