problem converting to ext3 file system

Ahmad Abou el-naga champion_2010 at
Tue Feb 9 16:28:31 GMT 2010

hello all,
I want to convert from NTFS to ext3 to be able to install Kubuntu and make it work. I have installed it through Wubi on a separate NTFS drive and it when I try to install it from the Kubuntu on NTFS( the one installed through wubi) it says: "no root file system defined"..I have made about 512 mb's unalocated space to be swap and just want to format the NTFS drive as ext3 to install Kubuntu on this separate drive (its about 28.5 GB's) and when I try to install Kubuntu through booting from cd its after choosing the language ,>>install Kubunto >> then the first page installing after "Kubuntu" sign it makes an error before starting the setup
what can i do?
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