Cropped Display

Tom Bell cbell44 at
Sun Feb 7 22:19:46 GMT 2010

dael at wrote:
> Hello
> I want to install kubuntu on my media pc and tried the recent live cd.  
> The Desktop started properly but the screen configuration seems to be  
> wrong. Display is a TV with resolution 1360*768 60Hz via HDMI, kubuntu  
> sets the right resolution the refresh rate is 59.8Hz, maybe this is  
> also right?!
> The problem is that the Desktop seems to be on the wrong position on  
> the screen, the right quarter of the screen is black and on the left  
> side the desktop is cropped.
> Any Ideas? If possible I want to fix this with the live CD before  
> installiung on hard disk.
> Thanks
> Daniel
Did you try any other settings to see what happens?
What is your display card?
lshw |grep -nA 11 display
Do the above command at a commandline and include
the results in your reply.
uname -a


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