Strange Konqueror Problem

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at
Sun Feb 7 08:17:01 GMT 2010

On Sunday 07 February 2010, Tony Sivori wrote:
> Reinhold Rumberger wrote:
> > On Sunday 07 February 2010, Tony Sivori wrote: <snipping the
> > whole thing, since this is probably related to something
> > completely different...>
> > 
> > It's been a while, so I didn't remember this straight away:
> > Could you have a look at the URL in Konqueror when you try to
> > open the file (both working and non-working). If the
> > non-working contains "media:/" or something similar, that might
> > be a problem (there are some problems in KDE related to
> > encapsulating KIO slaves).
> The path to the non-working copies does contain "system:/media/".

That one has the advantage of simply containing a superfluous 
"system:" part. For me, the path used to be "media:/sdX/...", causing 
more trouble than it was worth...

> > If that doesn't yield anything conclusive, try opening both
> > files with the following URL in Konqueror (manually typing them
> > in, if necessary, making sure that no protocol apart from "tar"
> > is specified): tar:/<path to .war>/index.html
> > 
> >   --Reinhold
> Ok, this path (in Konqueror):
> tar:/media/sdb2/Backup_sdb2/Documents/ArchivedWeb/testfile.war
> results in a look inside the tar file. It doesn't show the web
> page, but rather its components. Lots of jpegs, gifs, a css and
> js file.

Fun fact: this will work for most tar files regardless of compression 
(at least gzip and bzip2 always worked here). There's also a KIO 
slave handling the zip:/ protocol which can be used to look inside 
zip files from within Konqueror.

> Rereading you instructions I realized I inadvertently left off
> /index.html.
> Ah! Shortening the above link to:
> tar:/media/sdb2/Backup_sdb2/Documents/ArchivedWeb
> <enter>
> results in what looks like an instant redirect to:
> /media/sdb2/Backup_sdb2/Documents/ArchivedWeb

Yes. The tar KIO slave recognises that it isn't responsible for 
viewing normal folders and passes it to the proper KIO slave, which 
then formats the URL to its liking...

> Which shows the content of that folder. When I try the copied file
> using the above link, it opens normally!
> Two odd things I noticed. The above link leaves "system" out of
> the path. And Konqueror is not displaying my chosen default of
> Detailed List View, it looks like the fresh install default of
> Icon View.
> Typing the path exactly as you suggested:
> also opens the file as the desired web page.
> Thank you, that solves the problem in that it provides a practical
> work around.

Great. Here's the relevant bug report:

Perhaps you can get them to move this thing up in their priority. I'm 
not sure whether this bug still exists in KDE4, so I don't know how 
motivated the developers will be to fix it. I do, however, remember 
having similar problems and manually working around them by 
correcting the URL. One of the reasons I left KDE3 for KDE4...


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