Installing Hardy into a 'wasted' partition

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Feb 4 18:45:44 GMT 2010

>    This is where my confusion comes in.
>    The plan is to install Hardy into the existing sda7 (replacing the
> 'wasted' Dapper).
>    I have another distro (feisty) on sda3, which also mounts into /.
>    Wouldn't the two then conflict with one another, since they'd have the
> same mount point?

They don't have the same mountpoint. Only one is being booted at a
time, and that one that boots will mount at /. The other bootable
partition may or may not be mounted, but if it is then it is usually
mounted under /media/something.

>    By the way: should I be off the web router when I do the install?

No need.

>    Please forgive my ignorance...

That is not ignorance, that is learning. Ignorance is _not_ asking!

> To Dotan Cohen:
> Thanks for your comments.
> In this forum a lot has been written about broken systems or other mishaps
> caused by
> the early KDE 4.x versions.

Yes, KDE 4.0 and 4.1 were not meant for end users. Despite that, some
overambitious distros pushed them out. KDE's reputation suffered as a

Know that the current KDE 4.3.x and the upcoming KDE 4.4 are still
missing minor functionality compared to KDE 3.5.10, however, they have
so many new features that it is worth it. If features that you use are
missing, let me know what they are and I will do my best to ensure
that they get included in future versions.

> I'm very comfortable with KDE 3.5, with things like e.g. its Krusader file
> manager that
> I'd probably have to give up in KDE 4.x.

Krusader works in KDE 4.

> Have no need nor desire (nor the RAM, truth be said) for all the
> memory-hungry
> eye-candy stuff that KDE 4. promises.
> That's why I'd rather move to Hardy for the time being.

KDE 4 uses less memory than KDE 3 did, as it is based on Qt4 which was
designed to reduce memory usage. Even with the effects, it uses less.

That said, if you are using Qt3 applications then the combination of
loading Qt3 and also Qt4 is of course fatter than jus Qt3. I believe
that Krusader is still Qt3. Your best bet would be to install it and
check how it runs for you. If you have any problems, write to this
list and CC me. Then you can install Hardy in it's place and use Hardy
while we make sure to fix the KDE 4 issues that affect you.

Dotan Cohen

Please CC me if you want to be sure that I read your message. I do not
read all list mail.

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