is it Kubuntu or is it KDE?

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Aug 29 21:36:41 UTC 2010

Luca Ferrari wrote:
> the network applet is unable to connect me to
> a not WPA2-PSK access point, my broadband modem is recognized, but
> does not work, and in general the desktop is too much slow when
> switching between applications.

You could try the Gnome version of the network applet by installing the 
package network-manager-gnome and uninstall the packages network-
manager-kde and plasma-widget-networkmanagement (whichever is 
installed). Then run the command


from ALT-F2.

> Moreover, konqueror is freezing
> sometimes and making the whole desktop locked for almost a minute.

For me konqueror (used as file manager) freezes if there is a window 
with a NFS share open while there is heavy traffic on the (wireless) 
link to that share. Maybe it is a similar reason for you?

> So far, I'm considering a concrete desktop switch, and the
> application I will miss the more is KMail (in my opinion even
> Evolution cannot compete).

You can run any KDE application from other desktop managers. As you 
don't like Gnome (I don't like it either), I would suggest you try xfce, 
just install the package xubuntu-desktop. I played with it some time ago 
and it was quite nice but finally I stayed with KDE.


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