NVIDIA driver causes kernel freeze

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 00:59:40 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-08-28 at 10:36 +1000, Steve Morris wrote:
> I used to use the drivers from nvidia a long time ago on a different
> linux dist. and as long as the kernel headers were installed the driver
> compiled and installed fine. You may need to run an ldconfig after copy
> the driver to the modules directory, also a depmod may need to be run
> first to build the new list of kernel modules for ldconfig to update the
> cache. There is also a log file created from running the upstream
> process, I don't remember where it is created but I think the process
> says where it has been placed, you may want to have a look at that to
> check for errors or additional instructions on any further processes
> that may be required.

There seems to be some sort of conflict using the factory supplied .run
file with the latest versions of Ubuntu. I'm an old hand at using the
nVidia supplied driver, until around Karmic. It caused more tears than
do what it was supposed to do, so I have not deviated from the
"approved" method and gink up my install since. If anyone has used
the .run file method since Karmic, as was successful, I'd like to know.
For a newbie, I don't think I'd recommend it, at all.  :) Ric

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