32 bit vs 64 bit

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 23 09:40:07 UTC 2010

Paul Lemmons wrote:
> Install 32bit. 64bit offers absolutely nothing to make you want it. It 
> also does not matter how much memory your system has. I am running 32bit 
> Kubuntu on a box with 18GB RAM. Just make sure you are using the PAE 
> kernel. I think it will install it by default but not sure. Almost 
> everything works in 64 bit. Everything works in 32 bit. Until the gap is 
> closed, I suggest you stay 32 bit.

Just my opinion but I would say this is bad advice. The 32bit PAE 
extensions to use large amounts of memory have some overheads compared 
to the 64 bit kernel. Plus, even with the PAE kernels no single process 
can use more than 3.2GB (or so) which is the limit for 32 bit systems.

64 bit kernels can uses these large RAM sizes without the need for the 
PAE overheads and can give as much ram as you want to a single process.

They also have some slight security benefits too.

Personally, I would say go with the 64 bit system hands down.

cheers Chris

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