First look at Kubuntu 10.04

Goh Lip g.lip at
Wed Aug 4 03:30:22 UTC 2010

On 08/04/2010 09:46 AM, Doug wrote:
> Hello, and probably goodbye.

Doug, we really don't care about your hellos or goodbyes. We are not 
evangelists nor 'company men'; Linux is not a religion nor a 
corporation. We don't care if you use xxxbuntu, any flavour of linux, 
unix, apple or windows. And we don't care what GUI you use too, be it 
kde, gnome, lxde, fluxbox or none. We do not want to convert you nor 
sell you anything.

But....if you want our opinions, suggestions or advice, that's a 
different matter. However, being a college freshman, we'd think you have 
some degree of initiative, research and spunk. So google and read up the 
distro's or gui's webpages or forums before coming here.

There is bewildering (for you) choice of linux distros', each having 
their own 'specificity' and given your current (hopefully temporary) 
need to be spoonfed, I'll recommend PcLinux or MintPc. At this stage, I 
do not recommend using Gentoo, ArchLinux, any flavour of xxxusd's, 
solaris or windows. (that's right, tried cleaning out the registry or 
modifying boot.ini?). Then again, I wonder about the objective of your 
course and indeed, your motivation for taking that course.

Goh Lip


Learning without thought is labour lost
Thought without learning is perilous.
                           -- Confucius

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