java6 won't install, but ties up everything

Bruce Bales bbales at
Thu Apr 15 16:09:07 BST 2010

Hi, group.
Recently I have been unable to update/upgrade or install new programs in my 
Kubuntu 8.04 system.  After apt-get install I get a message that I don't have 
sun-java6-bin.  The message disappears and my bash terminal turns blue and 
grey and says "Configuring sun-jave6-jre" and wants me to agree to a java 
license.  But it provides no way to agree.  Clicking on OK does nothing;  
control-c doesn't work.  I can page down to the bottom, but then can't go 
back up.  I have to close the session,  kill dpkg and configure dpkg.

Any help would be appreciated,

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