Partition problems after installing a second Kubuntu version

Perry pwhite at
Wed Sep 16 20:57:09 UTC 2009

Le Wednesday 16 September 2009 19:43:16 john d. herron, vous avez écrit :
> In a web tutorial by one Holly Bostick on shell-shocked
> ( it says, among other
> things: "...Set up *all / partitions* for Linux (except the swap of
> course) as ext2...". I'm baffled: can there be more than one / partition
> on a harddisk? I look at the contents of the hdd on my box and see only
> one / (much like in win95 there's only one C:\). What am I
> missing/overlooking?

If you install different distros or versions of a Linux distro on your 
hard-disk they will all have their own / partition.
I belive the / folder has to be the top folder in the present working system.
The system you boot into will have the / folder and it is the only / folder 
you will see from that vantage.
The other / will be or could be mounted someplace, eg: system:/media/sda8/ so 
you won't recognise them straight away as "/", unless you reboot into them.

Likewise you can have many /home on a hard disk. If you have eg. a Suse distro 
installed on sda8 and it uses it's home partition on sda7, and you boot on a 
Kubuntu partition sda6, you could access this "home" under /media/sda7/ but 
it won't be *your* /home.

HTH		Perry

I hope this answers your question, but I have one of my own, slightly 
disgressing from the original topic of this thread:
It is highly recommended to mount a separate /home partition (as opposed to 
have it automatically created under / on the same partition), 
*but can you use a single /home partition for many distros or versions?*
If you proceed thus, some settings you do on one distro are written in /home 
(.kde, .config) and would affect the other distro, wether you like it or not. 
And there could (???) be conflicts or incompatibilities.
Another way to go would be to create instead of /home, a "/perso" partition to 
mount onto any system you boot into, but some very personnal stuff like your 
mail,  addressbook and calendar will not be copied to this partition (I think 
Linux could be improved in that respect).
Someone has some experience in this regard?

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