Somebody SURE loves them some kblocks

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Fri Oct 30 04:57:42 UTC 2009

I tried to remove this little innocuous stinker of a game and it wants
to remove KDE-FULL. Huh, just checked that package, before I hit the
shiny red-button, and that seems to include my whole $%^& KDE desktop.
Just wondered who has the brain today and if they would PLEASE pass it
around?? Cannot someone make it a rule to NOT dEsTrOy the user's
installation when removing a package?? 

That would be very nice. Especially for a newb that spent a week
dnloading kubuntu, via a tin can in a third world country, and then
hoses the entire install removing "Hunt The Wumpus". 

Can we be mindful and "JUST SAY NO!" ?? We need a "No Delete Desktop"
Czar (Dept of Homeland NDD) to oversee these things.  X{ Ric

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