Windows 7

Bruno Bigras bigras.bruno at
Mon Oct 26 04:17:49 UTC 2009

The thing which look like an implementation of the Windows snap thing
is only available in the development version of KDE (trunk) but it
should be in KDE 4.4 which will be released in February.

The KDE feature that was mistaken for this is that when you move a
window near another one the borders tend to snap to help preventing
overlapping windows. It's not the super cool idea that make you want
to take showers with your glasses on.

If you are running KDE trunk and want to try the quick tiling thing,
see the instructions at :

2009/10/25 Errol Sapir <errol at>:
> I saw in one of the replies that kwin could be used to configure this. Could
> somebody please say what to do in kwin to enable this feature.

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