Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Neil Winchurst barnaby at drofle.com
Sat Oct 24 17:13:32 BST 2009

john d. herron wrote:

>> It is not Kubuntu who have problems,
>> this is Kde4 who have problems.
>> Keep using Hardy-Kde-3.5.10 and keep having
>> a perfectly working system.
>> Even today, 3 *buntu releases later, the hardy release
>> of kubuntu, stands the better system of all times. (for me)
>> So i stayed with a perfect system, my kubuntu-8.04
>> and I dont miss any of the whistles of the others versions.
> Tend to agree with you, Martin. After reading all of the complaints
> surrounding KDE 4.x, I too have decided to stay with Hardy, using KDE
> 3.5 which works well indeed, and that's where I'm going to remain until
> the KDE 4. issues get untangled.
> john
Me too. I have stayed with Kubuntu Hardy and intend to stay put until I
can see that KDE4 is really sorted out.


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