Kubuntu a dist in crisis?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 07:14:19 UTC 2009

> While it's true that the specific bugs are KDE's immediate problem, it was Canonical's decision to go to KDE 4.x WAY too early (imo).
> I waited until a couple of weeks ago to upgrade to Jaunty and KDE4.  While I really like the plasma desktop and appreciate many of the graphical enhancements, there have been lots of problems that I did not have in KDE3.  The plasma desktop has crashed on me, sometimes half a dozen times a day.  I think it was related to a plasma widget, but I'm not sure which one since I took as many off my system as I could to try to get it to stop, which it eventually did.  I still have problems with plasma taking 100% of the CPU, making the interface sluggish.  Some of the other applications that are launched by default have troubles.  For example, gwenview will die on me randomly, but only after it's been open for a while in a folder with lots of thumbnails.
> I'm still mostly happy with Jaunty, but I think that keeping KDE4 experimental for another version or two would have been a better idea.
> If I can get some time, I'll try to research some of the above problems and file a bug report or two.

Lots of crashers were fixed for KDE 4.3. You should probably test with
Karmic. CC me with any issues that you find, such as features missing
from KDE 3 or unintuitiveness. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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