KDE 4 and KPackageKit

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 11:20:41 UTC 2009

Am I the only one who can not really make heads or tails of KPackagekit? 
I see none of the supposed advantages over Adept (at least not Adept 
KDE3 style) so I wonder what they might be or I am too daft to get it.

Example: I try to find a network app. In the "dropdown menu" I choose 
Network. Good.
I then type "kde" in the search field to narrow down the results.

Forget it, the search field settings and the category dropdown does not 
seem to have any connection. Now I get all apps with "kde" as output.

And I fear the day I will have to explain this application and method 
for installing to "new linux user" who may want to play a game, find a 
scan application and just scout around for applications... as I am not 
even sure myself how to narrow down a search for "kde and games", as an 

The "Help" button is greyed out as is "Defaults", whatever that might 
stand for in this case. There are no menus that I have found.

The version of Adept in the repos is even worse but I hope that is not 
the reason for choice of KPackagekit.

Am I missing something really obvious?

regards, Sinclair

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