Scanning app 'vuescan' for Linux - has anyone installed/used it? (SOLVED)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Oct 20 09:38:32 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 20 October 2009, john d. herron wrote:
>On 16/10/09 09:36, David Kuntadi wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> I am working with a Feisty distro (7.04), where is
>>> indeed standard in /usr/lib.
>>> It is the same (947.9 KB) present in Hardy (8.04)
>>> But it doesn't seem to be the same as the not-found
>>> version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9 that vuescan is complaining about?
>> As Phil said vuescan run on Hardy, just replace whatever library it
>> complain on Fiesty with the ones from Hardy's package using the above
>> method. But why don't you upgrade to Hardy instead?
>> DK
>First, I copied Hardy's package to Feisty and then tried 'vuescan'
>again. No joy.
>So, day before yesterday, I followed your suggestion and did install
>Hardy (albeit in a partition that doesn't give it much breathing space...).
>Launched 'vuescan' in it and it runs as advertised. So this thread seems
>to be SOLVED.
>Yesterday, back in Feisty, I hooked up to SpiderOak to back up some
>stuff... and just as I was nicely backing up they experienced a server
>(But that's for another thread)

Probably.  I am an amanda fan, and installed a terrabyte drive so I could 
setup virtual tapes for amanda on it. This machine isn't a *buntu, but I do 
backup those parts of a Hardy install that are precious every night with 
amanda.  When I set it up, I was surprised that the Hardy version of amanda 
would work against the bleeding edge version I run here as I track 
development snapshots, building from the tarball, which may change several 
times a week. Amanda is old enough to vote and still under active 
development.  The 2 versions (client on the Hardy box, full server here) work 
flawlessly together.

>Thank you all, Nils, Perry, Ric and David, for helping out. It's nice to
>find knowledgeable friends this way.
>And it looks like I'll need more good counsel!!

Cheers, Gene
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