Follow up driver G210 (used to be: driver for HP2309v)

Perry pwhite at
Sat Oct 17 15:46:59 UTC 2009

Le Sunday 26 July 2009 11:37:40 Donn, vous avez écrit :
I wrote earlier :
> I belive there is not yet a linux G210 driver so I would like to find a
> driver most similar to it.

Donn suggested: [install] at least nvidia-glx-180. 
I tried it unsuccesfully (on Kubu 9, not on my working 8 system).

I learned about envyng
<> and I tried it (unsuccessfully) with 
I found out later that my G210 card was not covered in  nvidia-glx-180.

So I waited ...
and when I next felt like takkling this problem again was just released.

I manually installed
following as example

The computer had many "hickups", first it didn't want to display the higher 
resolution of  1920x1080 in the screen part of configuration under KMenu,
I (had to?) change the line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf  Section "Screen" Virtual	
1600	1200 to  Virtual 1920   1080 to make it work.
Now this configuration tool shows me many configurations that are not present 
in my xorg.conf modelines (what are they for?) but *at last it works +/-*

What happens is:
First screen with the KUbuntu logo and progress bar: O.K.
then the Welcome screen (to input password) is a virtual screen (bigger than 
the display) with right side partly visible and garbeled...but it is usable.
After sending the password the screen goes black, then checkered grey and 
white, then into the desired 1920x1080 resolution, within seconds.

Is there any chance it might damage my monitor in the long run?

If not, I could live with this, but if I had to advertise KUbuntu to friends
I'd better distract them away from my booting screen or solve this.

I must confess that before I was able to get the  1920x1080 resolution I opted 
for 1600x1200, the most decent one among the 5 that appeared in my screen 
confuguration tool (less than what was in my xorg.conf modelines or modes!!), 
but this wasn't 16/9 as my screen aspect ratio...I got so used seeing 
enlarged icons and pictures of fat people that the new correct display now 
seems odd to me.

Greetings		Perry

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