sbackup - anyone using?

alan c aeclist at
Fri Oct 16 21:33:09 UTC 2009

clay weber wrote:
> alan c wrote:
>> Anyone using sbakup in kubuntu please?
>> It looks like it is made for gnome not kde, and when it runs in
>> kubuntu (8.04) a lot of the configuration options are greyed out, I
>> guess because it is in kde no gnome.
>> Comments appreciated
> Yes, sbackup is an Ubuntu-based utility, and is gnome-based.
> I have not used it in a while, but I used to use it as my main backup 
> tool with no issue - not sure if I stopped using it pre- hardy opr 
> sometime before Intrepid. The app itself has not been updated since May 
> of 2007.
> I just installed it in karmic, and all the options are available to me. 
> perhaps you have some missing dependencies? I suggest looking in your 
> menu editor for the app's entry to find the command line to use, and 
> plug that into a terminal to see if it spits out any error message about 
> missing 'blah' or can't find 'foo'
> clay

iirc karmic (9.04) does give a later version which is more sensible if
the external target drive is missing.
I will look at dependencies.

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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