Scanning app 'vuescan' for Linux - has anyone installed/used it?

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Oct 14 08:01:46 UTC 2009

john d. herron wrote:
> I've installed and unsuccessfully tried to run a 'commercial' pdf
> scanning/manipulation app known as VueScan, which someone suggested
> in this forum around a month ago.
> I contacted the author at <edhamrick at>, but he said he 'can't
> really help with diagnosing problems with missing libraries', and he
> mentioned some tips in the release notes which, however, went right
> over my head.

That's a bit vague - can you tell us what error message you get when you 
try to run the program?

> Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn
> KDE 3.5.6 - Linux 2.6.20-17 generic

Maybe 7.04 is the problem because it is no longer supported. Considering 
that Lou Katz has the software working with 8.10, I would suggest you 
upgrade to a more recent version of Kubuntu. See 


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